Your nursing and rehabilitation experience here is a breath of fresh air – refreshingly different than anything in your traditional perceptions of care facilities.

We take your health to heart.

Citadel of Bourbonnais promotes healthy hearts through our state of the art rehabilitation program.

Premier Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Providing a personalized touch for all rehabilitation needs.

Programs designed to help guests get back to everyday living

All you need for a complete and speedy recovery.

Citadel of Bourbonnais is perfect for patients and residents who require additional rehabilitative or nursing care, but don’t need to remain in the hospital. You’ll receive high-quality care in a comfortable, relaxing setting. We’re here to help.

Respite care is also available, which gives full-time caregivers a break so they can recharge, refresh and restore their life balance. Rest assured that our caring team will provide high-quality personalized care, and we’ll meet with you to discuss your plan along the way.

At Citadel, our guests can expect a better care experience-including a peaceful, homelike environment to boost healing energy as well as a truly personalized connection to cater to both needs and wants.


We believe that after an illness, injury or hospital stay, recovery requires healing in mind, body and soul. So that’s how we care for rehab residents: with treatment and rehabilitation approaches that involve kindness, hospitality and respect.

For short-term skilled nursing, our post-acute care center offers superb care in a state-of-the-art environment for stroke, bone fracture, knee, hip and other joint replacement surgery, major surgical procedures, spinal injury, cardiac conditions and disabling or traumatic injuries. Our speech, occupational and physical therapies mimic the skills needed to live independently at home. In fact, we have a therapy kitchen to help resident relearn vital daily activities.

Ultimately, we want the resident to return to their best level of independence. So our focus is on positive outcomes for rehabilitation – shortening residents’ length of stay as they recover and get back on their feet, and reducing the likelihood of being re-hospitalized after rehab.

Long-term care

Residents receive high-quality 24/7 care from our trained and compassionate team members, who treat each person as their own family member. Staff members are consistently assigned to provide care to residents, which helps strengthen the care bond and fosters close relationships.

To effectively manage a resident’s complex health care needs, our staff provides an integrated care management system, under the direction of each resident’s personal physician.

Residents enjoy a comfortable, homelike setting, with ample common spaces to encourage socialization with family, friends and other residents.

For those facing a life-limiting illness, our specialized hospice care focuses on the person’s physical, spiritual and emotional needs, while supporting their family and caregivers.


At Citadel, we are committed to personalized, integrated care that factors in the total well-being of every guest and their family members, and that does not just meet, but exceeds, their expectations.

As part of this empathetic, respectful culture of care, we are dedicated to meeting individual preferences and needs in order to help each guest feel at home and achieve an optimal health outcome – our number one goal.

We don’t just offer care for you – we care about you.



Do you or a loved one need a high level of medical care or extensive rehabilitation, but don’t necessarily need to stay in the hospital? The team at Citadel of Bourbonnais can help. We provide high-quality care in a comfortable, relaxing setting 24/7. Count on us. We’re here to help.

Ideally located in a quiet Bourbonnais neighborhood, Citadel of Bourbonnais also offers short-stay rehabilitation. Respite care is also available, which gives full-time caregivers a break so they can recharge, refresh and restore their life balance. Rest assured that our skilled care community will provide high-quality care, and we’ll meet with you to discuss the right level of care for your loved one.

Exceptional dining awaits you at Citadel of Bourbonnais. Choose from a variety of flexible dining options, which feature a variety of fresh menu options.

Our mission is simple in words, yet profound in the impact it has on our residents and employees.

That mission is to Redefine Healthcare.




Compassionate carE

Our integrated team of experts help guide our patients through the recovery and rehabilitation of complex medical conditions and diseases. Our individualized approach allows our team to develop treatment plans designed to provide each patient with exceptional and personalized care.

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

We Are Dedicated To You

Managing multiple medical conditions while maximizing recovery is the focus of Citadel of  Bourbonnais. We are able to give our guests the best chance of recovery by providing early and aggressive nursing, respiratory care combined with nutritional support, medication management and rehabilitation therapies.

By combining state of the art technology and unparalleled training our physicians, nurses, therapists provide an unique team approach for those guests with complex medical, neurological and cardiac conditions.